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When the road to medical school feels like a gauntlet, it can sometimes be easy to overlook alternate paths. If you’re someone with a strong academic record who’s ready to take the next step in your premed journey but is concerned about meeting the challenges that come with getting into medical school, then you might want to consider getting a postbaccalaureate premedical program. A postbacc program has many benefits for any student who wants to get into medical school but doesn’t have the necessary prerequisites. For example, if you are an applicant without biology or chemistry as part of your core curriculum, you will most likely not qualify for admission. Because of this, there are several reasons why considering a postbacc program would be beneficial for anyone looking to get into medical school and pursue their dream career as a doctor. Here are 5 reasons why getting a postbac program could be right for you:

You lack required courses for your premed major.

As a premed student, you should be aware of the course requirements for entry into a professional program. If you’re lacking a core requirement, such as chemistry, physics, or biology, you’re going to have a difficult time being admitted because of the rigid structure of the medical school system. As a postbac student, you have the chance to complete these required courses and gain the credits you need to put you back on the track you desire.

You are a non-traditional student and need time to mature.

You’re older, perhaps even a parent, and you want to follow in the footsteps of your younger premed friends. A postbac program allows you the time you need to mature, go back to school, and get the grades and core requirements you need to be competitive. A postbac program allows you the time to complete your undergraduate core courses, earn an advanced degree, and strengthen your application.

You have a low GPA but high MCAT scores.

A low GPA can be a deal breaker for many medical schools. If this is the case for you, then a postbac program can buy you more time to strengthen your application and improve your GPA. If you have a low GPA and high MCAT scores, postbac programs are more likely to accept you. Although no one can guarantee anything, your postbac school will have more flexibility to be more selective with their admissions and offer you a spot in their program.

You want to be versatile with your degree.

Not all premed majors are created equal. For example, if you majored in geology, you may have a difficult time getting into medical school. By getting a postbac, you can diversify and put your education to work in a way that will benefit your application. This might include completing a research project, getting a teaching assistant position, or volunteering in a medical setting. You can use your postbac program to demonstrate your passion and dedication while also adding variety to your application.

Your application is currently lacking something special.

If you’re applying as a non-traditional student or struggling with your GPA and MCAT scores, a postbac program can help you build a stronger application. You can join a research team, write a paper, volunteer in a clinical setting, or teach in a classroom to add something unique to your application. Postbac programs can help you get an edge on the application process and present yourself as a stronger candidate.


When it comes to getting into medical school, your application will be judged on a variety of factors. Of course, your GPA and MCAT scores are significant, but there are other areas that can be improved. A postbac program is an excellent way to strengthen your application by adding new courses, building a stronger resume, and gaining valuable experience in a clinical setting. If you’re ready to take the next step in your premed journey, then you may want to consider getting a postbac program to improve your chances of getting accepted.