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A Montreal civil lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in issues governed by the Quebec Civil Code. They are regulated professionals subject to rules on access to the profession and controls on practice.

They are also experienced in handling cases in high-profile litigation, including corporate and commercial disputes and privacy matters. They have represented clients from all sectors of the economy and across Canada.


The legal profession is a highly demanding and rewarding career path. It requires a rigorous education and selection process to guarantee the effectiveness of advice and representation in all types of disputes. It is also a profession that is constantly adapting to new technologies and the specific needs of its clientele, namely essentially private individuals.

Emmanuelle is experienced in the fields of family law, civil litigation and corporate business law. She has acted as counsel for numerous companies and government entities and has appeared before the Quebec Superior Court and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Emmanuelle has extensive experience in commercial litigation and is an expert in class actions, large tort claims and complex contract law matters. She has also acted as counsel in several cases related to intellectual property and privacy law. She is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and the Quebec Bar. She is fluent in French and English. She is a recognized leader in her field and is well-known for her tenacity and thoroughness.


A good Montreal civil lawyer will be experienced in the areas of law that pertain to your particular dispute. They will have a solid legal education and have participated in seminars that are specific to this branch of the law. In addition, they will be subject to reassuring rules of professional ethics and deontology.

In addition to litigation, they will also be able to help you resolve your dispute through mediation and negotiation. This will save you time and money, as well as avoid the pitfalls of litigation.

The firm’s clients include a diverse group of individuals and businesses. They have experience in a range of matters, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, private equity investments and technology transfers. They have also handled cases involving Canadian and international courts, as well as various administrative tribunals. They have also acted as counsel for the defence of class actions brought in Quebec, Canada and the U.S. against Sino-Forest Corp.


The reputation of a Montreal civil lawyer is determined by the quality of his or her legal work. It can also be influenced by the number of positive client reviews and the length of time that the lawyer has been in practice. In addition, the law firm may have a presence abroad or be affiliated with a network of international legal offices.

A good Montreal business law firm is recognized for its specialized expertise in different fields of the Quebec economy. For example, the firm has a vast amount of experience with mergers and acquisitions and has represented numerous companies in obtaining financing from various institutions. In addition, it is experienced in litigation and in corporate governance. The firm also handles intellectual property and bankruptcy and insolvency. Its clients include SMEs and multinationals. Recently, it defended the city of Montreal against the federal government regarding Canada Post and acted for Centech, a world-class business incubator.


Maurice Lasry is a Montreal civil lawyer who has earned a reputation for being professional, transparent and honest about his legal services. He has also worked hard to offer competitive fees, and he makes it a point to inform clients about his services and costs in advance.

Civil law encompasses a broad sphere of disputes that may involve private individuals. These disputes often revolve around issues of inheritance, property ownership and residential leases. In addition, they may concern infringement of intellectual property rights or compensation for damages caused by third parties.

The Bar of Quebec does not impose specific guidelines on the method of determining the rates invoiced by lawyers. Nevertheless, the honoraria must be reasonable and reflect the attorney’s duties and obligations. In some cases, a low-income individual may be eligible for legal aid to have their attorney’s fees paid. These fees are usually based on the amount of work required to litigate the case.

Do you want to get help from an experienced lawyer? Find one today.

Do you want to get help from an experienced lawyer? Find one today.