Personal Injury Lawyers in Decatur Illinois

Were you involved in a traffic or work accident that caused you a severe injury? Did you contract a serious illness from an unreliable product? Our law firm in Decatur, Illinois specializes in personal injury cases with attorneys that have a passion and work ethic designed to win your case. Get the compensation you deserve by calling our office today to schedule a free consultation on your personalized legal claims.

drivers in traffic accident may be entitled to personal injury claims decatur illinois

Road Traffic Accidents

If you have been the victim of a car accident and are currently suffering an injury, it’s important that you speak with a legal professional to win your case. Often, victims receive little to no settlement money from insurance companies and end up finding themselves injured and in debt from an accident that wasn’t even their fault. Avoid representing yourself, call our experienced legal team today so that we can get you the compensation you deserve.

Work Accidents

Did you experience a workplace accident and are finding it hard to receive compensation? Do you know the proper steps you need to take to file a claim at your place of employment? Call our legal professionals at Willoughby & Zachry P.C. today to help you understand Illinois’s laws on worker’s compensation. We will provide you with information to make an educated decision on how to accurately file for your personal work injury.

“Get the compensation you deserve by calling our office today”

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Tripping Accidents

Many slip and fall cases require a qualified attorney to represent them in court. It’s tricky for a judge to determine who is at fault in these cases and award compensation appropriately. Our legal professionals are experienced in capturing the attention of an insurance company, while fighting for clients to receive an accurate settlement to pay for their medical bills and property damage. Let us work for you; call our law firm today for a free consultation if you received a personal injury.

Assault Claims

Are you a victim of criminal assault or battery? Get the justice you deserve by hiring one of our professional legal agents to represent your case in court. Our attorneys specialize in making sure you’re eligible for Illinois’s victim compensation funds that can help pay for any medical, dental, lost work wages, counseling, or even funeral costs that may arise from an act of assault. For more information in how we can help serve you, call our firm in Decatur, Illinois at (217) 428-4544.

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defective phone battery

Product Defect Accidents/ Product Liability

You should never suffer an injury from a defective product. Many times, victims have enough evidence against manufacturers to file a winning lawsuit. All you need is a qualified attorney to professionally represent and argue your case in court. For help identifying the appropriate category your product defect accident may fall under, call our firm today to speak with an attorney about receiving proper compensation.